Branches Primark United Kingdom

Primark is a textile discounter which operates internationally. So the Dublin-based company now owns over 295 Primark subsidiaries in several countries. These include Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and France. In these 300 Primark subsidiaries almost about 54,000 employees operate and generated a turnover of over 4 billion British pounds in 2014. Thus, This includes the Primark branches to one of the largest textile discounter worldwide.


The Ascent from Primark

The company Primark began in the year 1969. At that time, the Irish Tie Seller Arthur Ryan by the founder of Associated British Foods tasked W. Garfield Weston to build a discount chains in Ireland. As a result, Ryan  opened the first store under the name of Penneys in 1969. This store serves today as a seat of the Board by Primark among other things. Soon after this opening additional branches were opened in Dublin’s area and from 1971 also outside\abroad. The company hot at the beginning still Penneys changed its name after a legal dispute with the American company J.C.Penney in 1974 in Primark. Through the buying of other large discount stores, the stores increased rapidly in the coming years and then in 2006 opened the first stores outside of Ireland and Great Britain. Once this step was completed, followed in the next few years more and more countries and more and more Primark branches until it had reached its present size.


The Philosophy of Primark stores

The basic concept of Primark and all branches is to offer always fashionable and at the same time unbeatable price trends. To achieve this ideal, Primark invests  much money in the optimization of the production chain of clothing for the branches and simultaneously saves in advertising. Furthermore, the stores do not put it permanently to fabricate new fashion trends and to sell them in Sale,but rather sell a regularly changing collections and so-called basics. Here, all products offered by Primark stores are made solely for Primark and sold under its own brand. Products of other brands are nowhere in the Primark stores.. The flat hierarchies, which reduces the administrative burden are equally important for the success and the philosophy of the Primark chain. Mainly young people constitute the target group of branches.They are almost magically attracted by the cheap and at the same trendy offerings of Primark stores, so there is always a rush to ground/mass storm for new openings of Primark branches.


The Primark Branches/Stores

The stores follow a simple and subtle basic design. This is the simple size of Primark stores. Only in rare exceptions  Primark stores can be found that have not at least several thousand square-feet of retail space area. So it’s no surprise that the stores arise permanently in ever larger formats. The currently largest Primark stores can be found among others in Manchester and extends over three floors and over 14,400 square meters. Compared to that, there are the greatest Germans Primark stores in Essen and Dresden. The Dresden branch encompasses whole 9,600 square meters and also comprises three floors. As like the most major textile discount stores the store also offers their customers a comprehensive range of services. And at this point, Primark differs again from its competition. Contrary to most providers, Primark has no online shop. All products can be purchased simply and solely in the Primark stores. This has the advantage for Primark stores that the online store them brings no profits. On the other hand, Primark saves money that would otherwise flow into expensive logistics and storage, without having any appreciable losses. These drive/run the Primark branches again.


The Products in the Primark stores

As already mentioned Primark stores always cover fashionable and affordable clothing. This is sure however that there is a product in the product range for all occasions. Whatever it is, whether evening going out,classic loose fit for the office or the meeting with the head of the company,  the customer is always offered a fashionable and elegant trend to the respective occasion in the Primark stores. Here are also several variants to choose from, so that can be varied individually. No matter whether dresses, sweaters, blouses, pants, jackets, underwear, accessories or T-Shirt,  everything can be found in different sizes and colors in the Primark stores.